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Africa Awakens when the sun rises from the horizon and right turns into day, there is no continent as fascinating as Africa in the world. CCCC Limited has devoted more than 40 years to Africa’s infrastructure construction, focus deeply on the needs of African nations and upholds the spirit of altruism which has helped promote Africa’s economic growth and social development.
Ports play a decisive role in the development of both national economy and regional economy. The Africa continent is a place where civilizations meet and the development of ports along the coast will provide a strong impetus for the continent’s economic development. We have constructed as many as 30 ports in this place. Abidjan Port, constructed by CCCC, is the largest container ports in the West Africa and carries the promise of economic recovery in Cote d’lvoire. Besides rich experience in the port construction, CCCC can also provide our customers with world-class port machinery and management systems so as to improve the efficiency of port operation. We have supplied 80% of the port machinery in the world.
Railway, as an artery to connect various regions and urban and rural areas, is a crucial driver to ensure sustainable development of national economy. In eastern Africa, more than 24 million tons of goods flow into Kenya through Mombasa port every year. As the “Century Railway” in the hearts of Kenyan people, the Mombasa-Nairobi Standard Gauge Railway was successfully open to traffic in June 2017 and became a symbol of China-Africa cooperation. The Railway will drive Kenya’s GDP growth by 1 percentage point, create 72000 local jobs and realize harmony between men and nature.
Road, is the blood of economic development and foundation of people’s free movement. Addis Ababa-Adama Expressway is the first highway in Ethiopia and has injected fresh vitality into Ethiopia’s economic development. Local residents nickname it as a “beautiful China road”.
Bridge across rivers can turn a deep chasm into a thoroughfare. In Maputo Bay, Mozambique, a newly-built rainbow-like suspension bridge makes the bay no longer a barrier for the two sides. The bridge has greatly facilitated the transportation of people om both sides and will have a huge impact on economic development of Mozambique and southern Africa.
As the largest international constructor in the Africa market, CCCC has taken an active part in Africa’s infrastructure construction and we have willingness to keep providing financial, personal and technical support. We will build more high-quality projects that could last a century in the spirit of artisans, and help Africa achieve sustainable economic development.
Today, as physical distance is getting closer, the road of connecting people’s hearts, dreams, values and joy is getting wider.
We uphold the Belt and Road Initiative and implement the “eight major actions” of China-Africa cooperation. We work in the spirit of peace, cooperation, openness and inclusiveness, mutual learning and mutual benefit. We will inject more positive energy into the economic growth and people’s well-being of local community, share the fruits with local people and ensure that the torch of the friendship between our people will last forever, in order to make the world more connected, cities more livable and life better.


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